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Central Coast Business Solutions (CCBS) is a well-established service provider helping businesses accomplish business excellence through effective support and guidance. Operating in the bustling region of Central Coast, NSW, the company was founded in 2005 to resolve the challenges faced by small and medium-sized entities. We have been instrumental in the strategic growth of start-ups and entrepreneurs who have purchased businesses for sale in Central Coast, NSW. We aim to make every big and small business overcome problems related to technology adoption, employee management, enhancing reputation, entering a new market, changing policies, and following industry trends. We have a team of industry experts who offer the guidance and tools needed to boost productivity and profits. We specialise in the following services:
  • Increasing profit margin and reducing unnecessary costs
  • Helping make sound investments and building cash reserves
  • Managing employees, their retention and training
  • Improving networking with industry experts in Central Coast

CCBS is committed to making every business reach its potential with the help of customised growth and development strategies. Whether it is an IT company, manufacturing unit or financial service, we have the knowledge and skills to help you achieve the desired success. We have worked with a diverse range of businesses on the Central Coast and supported them in improving performance with minimal effort. The region has many businesses and is known for Erina Fair, the largest non-metropolitan shopping centre in the country. Whether your business struggles with on-boarding or automation, we prepare a customised package that works best for your organisation.

We review the existing policies and working procedures and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the business. Our next step is developing a solution aligned with the entity's business goals to achieve success.

  • Human resource management solutions
  • Technology adoption and implementation solutions
  • Improving cyber security and training employees
  • Customer relationship management solutions
CCBS offers supportive and strategic partnerships to businesses in Central Coast to build a world-class organisation that functions in a streamlined manner. We go above and beyond to resolve your problems with advanced infrastructure development and technical training. Our services include:

24-Hrs Service

Our round the clock assistance helps our clients to discuss their issues according to their time of availability. Call us anytime of the day or night & get an instant solution to your problems. Also, you can leave a message with our support staff for an appointment. Our customer care team is available on call 24 hours, all days of the week. We understand businesses can have a crisis any time. Therefore, we are always with our clients.

Virtual Meet

It’s difficult for a businessman to leave the shop/office premises for any other task. Thus, we advise you to get in touch with us online. Make us know the convenient time for discussion, and we will see you online. We can video call or have a chat as per your requirement. What’s more, we are versed with every online app that can help us connect virtually with you. You can Skype, WhatsApp, or use any other medium for communication.

Customised Solution

Directly mail your query on our helpdesk mailbox & get a reply within a short period. We have a dedicated team of professionals to work on the messenger service. This assistance system takes half of the time in comparison to other helpdesk services. We have developed a system that helps us cater to our clients round the clock and there will always be someone to answer your queries provide assistance, or mitigate any problem that needs immediate attention.

Why Choose CCBS for Business Hassles?

We are a leading business solutions provider in the entire Central Coast region of New South Wales. Here is what makes us stand out:
Professional Expertise

We have a team of qualified and experienced business consultants who have the knowledge and the skills to deal with business troubles.

Dedicated Solutions

Our team works with your organisation closely to understand the root of the problem and develop specialised solutions that remove inefficient processes and unproductive tasks.

Effective Management

We plan, execute and monitor the solutions created for the improvement of your policies and operations. We ensure that your business functions optimally without waste.

Superior Communication

We involve all the staff members in the enhancement of the business and make sure that their potential is realised. We help in sharing ideas and expressions that help with innovation.

How We Work

Whether you need assistance with marketing strategy or customer relationship management, we are the one-stop shop in Central Coast for every business need. Our solutions come with measurable metrics that help gauge performance improvement after implementing our suggestions. We are happy to help all small and big entities with our customised services.

Financial Solutions for Distressed Businesses

The pandemic was a tough period for businesses that faced a downfall in sales. The struggling phase was managed with the help of government grants and programs. However, the sluggish performance of businesses kept the bottom line negative. We have been helping several financially distressed businesses in Central Coast to come back on track with the help of our financial solutions. We have helped many reputed companies in New South Wales, such as Bond Cleaning Sydney, a leading and affordable end of lease cleaners in Sydney NSW, by offering in-depth financial advice for cost-cutting and boosting sales.

We have a team of highly qualified financial analysts who specialise in different business domains. They develop bespoke financial solutions for businesses that lack financial management or are struggling to meet targets. We have partnered with a leading real estate web portal to help our clients find spacious Commercial Real Estate in Central Coast, NSW, at the most affordable prices. It helps in bringing down their fixed costs of lease and utilities. If your business is facing a deficit, you can contact our executives. We provide insightful advice on investment, savings, cost-cutting, increasing profits and the overall development of the business.

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