How We Work

How We Work

Business solution providers have the toughest job to do. Managing accounts, tax issues, financial statements & legal issues need a lot of attention. The traders must also know what to except from a business solution company as they pay a handsome amount to hire us.

What makes you hire a business advisor?

Seek advice on how to increase the profit percentage
In-depth analysis on monetary funds
The requirement of professional advice on making investments & the duration of the investments.
Review of assets & liability sheet of the business. This assessment can be carried out thrice the year.
  1. Quarterly
  2. Half-Yearly
  3. Full-Yearly
Assessment of expenses incurred & income made. Also, the business solution providers mark the unnecessary expenses on the sheet.
Tax assessment for each financial year. Calculation & submission of the tax amount.
The introduction of the new investment plan, mutual funds, or bonds to the notice of the client.
We also offer book-keeping service to all the clients. The businessman can choose the service for
  1. Quarterly
  2. Half-Yearly
  3. Full-Yearly On daily basis

Role & Responsibilities of the Business Consultants

CCBS understand their responsibility of managing client’s monetary issues with care. Thus, we offer an agreement letter to the clients we are offering financial services to. Our role is to help the businessman in calculating, managing & investing money through the rules laid by the Australian laws. Take an overview of the responsibilities we deliver:
  • 1. Assessment of profit/loss incurred during the financial year.
  • 2. Suggestions on business expansion plans.
  • 3. Suggestions on marketing plans.
  • 4. Guidance on income & expenses incurred.

Assessment of profit/loss incurred during the financial year

Central Coastal business solutions carefully studies the client’s account book & assess the profit/loss made by the company since its inception. Also, we offer insight of much how the business can earn in coming one or five years time.

Suggestions on business expansion plans

Every trader dream to expand his/her business. The right time for expansion won’t come your way, rather you have to plan How, When, Where, Why & Which.
How – We draw the perfect business expansion plan for you.
When - We assess the perfect time to expand your business.
Where – We suggest you the area that suits the business at large.
Why- Business expansion increase profit earnings.
Which – Inception of which new features can help the expansion in shortest time.

Central Coast Business Solutions

Suggestions on marketing plans

Professional marketing strategy help business to grow at large. CCBS offer marketing plan to promote business on social media. We are one such type of business consulting firm in central coast business solution industry.

Guidance on income & expenses incurred

Each businessman maintains income & liability sheet. Apart from maintaining the inflow & outflow, we highlight the unnecessary expenses incurred by the business.

Assistance to Start-Up Business

It takes a lot of courage to set up business. The well-established traders give run for your money. In this situation, you require the financial advisor to suggest you the next action to be taken for the betterment of the business. Central Coastal Business Solution does exactly the same for you. Hire us & settle your business step-wise to earn maximum profit. We assist you in:

1. We offer assistance in completing legal formalitiesg

2. Formation of business policies & rules

3. Drawing of Business plan

4. Designing payroll structure of the company

5. Recruitment of the employees

6. Drawing marketing plan

7. Choosing insurance plan for the company

8. Conducting training programs for you & the employees

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